VPN Gateway

Features and Benefits

  • Cloud is directly connected to MPLS. The cloud can be used in linked up to LAN making for a secure environment.
  • Laying of a gateway is immediately(*) possible from a portal. If Arcstar Universal One is already established, you can connect to the cloud through a VPN with no lead time.  *For JP1/JP2 regions via a business portal

Use Case

Used through direct connect with an intranet environment

Service Specification

Service functions

Read below for more detailed information on functions.

Menu plan

For a VPN gateway, bandwidth settings are applied according to the bandwidth plan of the MCC (ECL2.0 connection) contracted by the customer. The following connection plans can be selected for your MCC (ECL2.0 connection) bandwidth plan to match the necessary transmission speed.

Best effort
The highest value transmission speed will be provided from among the values below. (Transmission speeds change depending on the user’s system and connection traffic.)

Bandwidth guarantee
Transmission speed is guaranteed up to a maximum of the specified bandwidth.