Rancher (Docker Container Management)

This service has been terminated. Currently Container Service is being offered as individual integrated service.

For details, please contact sales representatives.

Features and Benefits

This service comprises a Rancher Server, Docker Hosts, and the Docker Containers that work on the Docker Host. The customer can use the GUI or API to construct and take management of the container environment easily.
1. Providing a Web management UI
-You can use the Web management UI provided by Rancher, enabling yourself to manage and operate the Docker Containers and the Docker Hosts easily. Shown below are some major functions.
-Creating and deleting Docker Containers and Hosts.
-Scaling in/out the Docker Containers and Hosts
-Monitoring the Docker Containers and Hosts

2. Providing orchestration tools

  • In addition to “Cattle,” the Docker Container management tool provided by Rancher Labs, you can also use “Kubernetes,” which has been developed by Google and others.

3. Providing a catalog function

      • You can use a variety of catalogs provided by the Rancher community to easily construct a system that comprises two or more containers.
      • You can catalog the containers and systems created by the user and can reproduce and restore systems easily.

Use Case

    Embodying “fast,” “flexible,” and “secure” system construction and operation

Service Specification/Pricing

Specifications of the Service

For the specifications of the functions and the information on support etc., see the following site.


The basic fee includes the database firewall for the Rancher Server.
The fee of the Docker Host includes the use fee of one unit of Docker Host and its support fee.
You need three units of Docker Hosts at least.
You cannot use the function to resize a virtual server by changing a Docker Host plan. To change a plan, you need to delete and re-create Docker Hosts.