Network-based security

Managed Firewall
(Firewall functions)

Managed UTM
(Firewall functions, IDS/IPS functions, anti-virus functions, web filter functions, spam filter functions)

Managed WAF
(WAF functions, anti-virus functions, IP reputation functions)

Features and Benefits

  • Through the use of the integrative security menu UTM, various threats can be countered at once. Use only the firewall function at first, and you can later upgrade to UTM when necessary.
  • A WAF service indispensable to protecting web applications is also available.

Use Case

In response to diversified threats customers can comprehensively deal with on-stop without considering combination.

As for the web server which becouse the life line of web business, measures to specialize web application by WAF.

Web- specific security measures

Serviece Specification / Pricing

Service Functions

The firewall function, network function etc. are available in Managed Firewall.

In addition to the Managed Firewall function, the Managed UTM integrates and provides IDS/IPS, anti-virus, web filter, and spam filter functions.

Managed WAF provides functions to protect web applications, such as a WAF function, an anti-virus function, and an IP reputation function etc.


There are no initial costs for any menu, and fees occur on a fixed monthly basis. Read below for more details.