Features and Benefits

  • Since basic functions can be used for free, the monitoring of the performance status of various resources can be easily performed.
  • Can be used as judgement criteria for alive monitoring and resource augmentation by setting threshold value alarm and notification by e-mail.

Use Case

Confirm resource use status through time series during normal operations. Determine suitability of resource assignment.

Set e-mail notification alert when load increases, and carry out auto scaling through API with e-mail as the trigger.
*The API framework must be constructed by the user.

Use as simple monitoring system through an alarm that has resource activity set to a threshold value.

Service Specification/Pricing


The basic plan is free. There are additional options when users wish to set multiple threshold values, or there are numerous values users wish to measure.

Pricing model

The advanced plan is subject to a set monthly fee.


Information on additional options, such as the basic plan and the advanced plan, is indicated below.