Managed Load Balancer

Features and Benefits

Managed Load Balancer provides customer-specific L4 load balancer functions. You can use the load balancing function to distribute the communication from outside to multiple servers.

  • Managed load balancer
    • The service provider will operate, monitor, and recover failure in this menu.
    • You can concentrate on your business because you use the assets immediately without owning them, initial investment and minimum usage period.
  • Automatic provisioning
    • Since the creation, setting, and deletion of Managed Load Balancer are automated, you can flexibly use the desired amount of resources at any time.

Use Case

  • You can use the function to distribute the communication from outside or inside your company to multiple servers.
  • With the ability to specify target groups, load balancing for multiple systems can be achieved with a single device.
  • By operating the Customer portal / API, you can easily manage and control the settings and status.





For new, change (increase/decrease), or cancellation, please apply through the Customer Portal.

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Pre-Contract Inquiries

We accept inquiries before signing a contract through the following web form or by phone.

Request form for Information and Inquiry

TEL: 0120-106107 (No charge for calling)


Inquiries during use

Inquiries from customers using the service are accepted by ticket from the portal screen.
For details on how to operate the ticket screen, please refer to the following page.

How to issue a ticket related to Cloud/Server (former Enterprise Cloud 2.0)