Internet Connectivity

Features and Benefits

  • Network infrastructure has been made redundant, and an internet connection resistant to impediments is now available.
  • There are no fees on data transmission amounts, which are difficult to estimate, so you will not be subject to any unexpected fees.

Use Case

When used as a server public to the Internet, such as a web server, one-stop use is available for the cloud, network and global IP.

You can choose from over 10 varieties of plans, and since there is a guaranteed bandwidth plan, network bandwidth settings can be made according to traffic volume.

High-speed reading/writing and back-up of large amounts of data


Pricing model

No initial costs are required to use this service. Read below for more details on fees.


Service Specification

Menu Plan

There are two types of best effort and bandwidth guarantee plans among Internet connection plans. You can select a plan type after combining a plan type with your needed transmission speed. Global IPs are available by subnet (/26 to /32). Read below for more details.


The SLA of this menu is based on the standardized SLA for Enterprise Cloud 2.0; for the details please refer to the Service Description of SLA.