Image Storage

Features and Benefits 

  • Use as a simple backup (template) for the system area can reduce the initial set-up operations.
  • External images in raw and qcow2 format can be brought in.

It is possible to create a virtual server using proprietary template and ISO etc.

Use Case

With obtaining image when the initial construction, you can avoid the risk of re-creating templates.

Acquired as a simplified backup at the completion of construction etc.

Use the image sharing function to expand configuration horizontally that has been setup for solutions. Use in wholesale business.

Simplifies initial settings for creation of templates optimized for solutions.

Migration from other company’s services (migration)


Pricing model

Billing is metered (incrementing by min.) for 1 GB each Image file as with Private Template and / or Private ISO in Image Storage Menu.


Fees other than the above may apply depending on the OS you use on the server

You can check the estimate simulator or price list for more detailed information on fees, including in other regions and options.

Service Specification


Use an inexpensive virtual server as a standby system for the main environment.

Service Conditions

No minimum period of use has been stipulated. Read further below for more detailed information on other service conditions.