Host-based security

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Virtual Patch
(defense against security breaches, firewall)

Managed Host-based Security Package
(anti-virus, protection from hackers, firewall, web reputation, monitoring of revisions, security log monitoring)

Features and Benefits

  • Trend Micro’s DeepSecurity-based security license is available without requiring license procurement etc. of security software.
  • You can apply on demand from the portal and use it on-demand.

Use Case

  • Integrated countermeasures carried out against threats to OS, such as malware, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware etc.
  • Protects the server itself, without changing the network configurations.

Service Specificted/Pricing

Service Functions

Managed Anti-virus provides countermeasures against malware and protects the server from viruses.

Managed Virtual Patch provides a virtual patch function against vulnerabilities until the user takes action, and can protect against malware.

In addition to the anti-virus and virtual patch functions, the Managed Host-based Security Package also offers functions to monitor revisions and monitor the security log.


There are no initial costs for any menu, and fees occur on a fixed monthly basis. Read below for more details.