Dedicated Hypervisor

Features and Benefits

  • The representative hypervisors, vSphere and Hyper-V, are available for on-demand use with their pre-existing settings, and equipment and licensing procurement is unnecessary.
  • Licensing for a guest OS operating with a hypervisor can be used on a one-stop basis through the guest image menu.

VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V

Use Case

Transfer the private cloud environment used on premises without modification. It follows the existing operation processes and tools, while also allowing outsourcing of infrastructure.

Matches system requirements and differentiates the use of Enterprise Cloud OpenStack based virtual server and the virtual server on VMWare vSphere or Hyper-V based Hosted Private Cloud


Pricing model

The pricing for a dedicated hypervisor menu are a monthly fixed fee and a pay-as-you-go fee.

Guest images differ by OS type. Read below for more details.

Service Specifications


Read below on the use of dedicated hypervisor menus.

Additionally, read below for specifications of guest OS that are operated by hypervisor.

OS(Guest Image) available on Dedicated Hypervisor

Read below for more details.

Conditions of Use

There is no specified minimum period of use for the dedicated hypervisor menu; however, users should be aware that a monthly fixed fee does apply. Read below for more details on other conditions of use.

Use of the Baremetal Server is required for a dedicated hypervisor menu. Read below for more details on the Baremetal Server.