Colocation Inter-Connectivity (CIC)

Features and Benefits

  • Layer 2(L2) connection enables transmission between the cloud and a server within a colocation on the same segment.
  • Connections of 10Gbps or 1Gbps are possible depending on the location. One link can used for free for 1Gbps CIC.

Use Case

Place special equipment that is difficult to place in the cloud through a virtual server or the Baremetal Server and link with the cloud (e.g.: GPU-equipped servers, dedicated equipment etc.)

(e.g.: GPU-equipped servers, dedicated equipment etc.)

Outsourcing applications of servers not yet at the stage where replacement with the cloud is considered, such as servers that have recently been introduced, or that have remaining service life.

Specification and Pricing


This menu provides Customers free of charge colocation connection of 1 Gbps of one link of CIC per Tenant.
In the case of using multiple 1Gbps colocation connections (CIC), one of them will be free.
Please note that is outside from the offer’s scope the 10Gbps CIC.

The list of Datacenter available for Colocation

Inter-Connectivity (CIC) are available by combining the regions and data centers shown below.


For more information on conditions, such as transmission and interface conditions, or the conditions at sign-up, read the following.