Solution Insight (formerly CMP)

Features and Benefits

  • The customer’s ICT resources/costs, including those of competitors’ Cloud services (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.), are uniformly visualized, and the optimization of the ICT environment becomes possible. “Shadow IT” is not there anymore, so the governance can be enhanced.
  • You can customize the dashboard and work on multi-devices, enabling yourself to check the operation status of ICT (the state of operation, cost information, etc.) in real-time.

Use Case

Make hybrid use of Enterprise Cloud with AWS or some other competitor’s Cloud service. No need to watch every portal. Use Solution Insight (formerly CMP) for the uniform confirmation of the resource statuses.

Use Solution Insight for the uniform visualization of the state of the ICT costs on each system and business unit.

Specifications and Pricing

The pages that introduce the Service

You can see the advantages of Solution Insight and relevant materials on the following sites.

Videos for introducing the service


For the customers who use Enterprise Cloud 2.0, basic functions of Solution Insight is available free of charge.

*If you want to make a hybrid use with some other competitors’ Cloud service, pay the fees for the other competitors’ Cloud service to the competitor.

Specifications in Detail

For the specifications of Solution Insight, see the following.