Baremetal Server

Features and Benefits 

  • Users can access a dedicated physical server through a service with no minimum period of use and no initial costs.
  • Licenses and applications used on premises can be transferred as is.


dedicated environment is available for use on demand from a portal

The physical server operates on a pay-as-you-go basis with a maximum monthly amount set and no minimum period of use.

Use Case

Case 1. Transfer of systems, such as Oracle and SAP HANA, that are difficult to use through the cloud for reasons of licensing etc.

A dedicated server is used, allowing the importing of licenses that cannot be imported with a general multi-tenant cloud.

Case 2. A dedicated computing environment that allows for exclusive, stable performance for applications that require greater processing power, such as analysis of big data.

Case 3. Construction of a private cloud environment in conjunction with a dedicated hypervisor.

Customer can construct a hosted private cloud on demand, with VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-v


Fees other than the above may apply depending on the OS you use on the server

You can check the estimate simulator or price list for more detailed information on fees, including in other regions and options.

Service Specification

List of Flavors (plans) and Specs

Information on flavors and specs are explained on subsequent pages.

List of Compatible OS

Information on OS that can be used on the Baremetal Server are explained on subsequent pages.

Fee System and regional coverage

Service is offered on an hourly pay-as-you-go basis. Read further below for information on the service status and operations by region.

Service Conditions

No minimum period of use has been stipulated. Read further below for more detailed information on other service conditions.