Enterprise Cloud(ECL) meets a variety of Enterprises’ needs with plentiful options and flexible integration
We ended the sales of “Enterprise Cloud1.0” (ECL1.0) and “Enterprise Cloud2.0” (ECL2.0) at locations outside Japan on 31 October 2020.  Please refer to the news on 30 September 2020 for details.
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Baremetal Server

On-demand & capped pay-as-you-go physical server, without minimum use period

Virtual Server

Small-start, on-demand resource change

Image storage area

Bring in/out your private image and private ISO


Block Storage

I/O performance ensure, high-speed blockblock storage service connectable with ISCSI protocol

File Storage(Standard)

File storage service suited for high capacity usage


Logical Network

Enable flexible network topology as well as on-premises environment

VPN Gateway

Enable secure environment, connecting directly to Intranet

Load Balancer(Netscaler VPX)

Automated provisioning and multiple functions(Off-load, security, acceleration)

Security Group

Virtual firewall for your server instance

Internet Connectivity

Connectivity to reliable internet, without network transfer fee


Secure firewall, which can be placed on where required

Managed Load Balancer

Easy-to-configure and managed load balancer service


Data Center Inter-Connectivity

10Gbps bandwidth connectivity between global clouds and datacenters

AWS Inter-Connectivity

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud and AWS

ECL2.0 Inter-Connectivity

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud 2.0 tenants

Colocation Inter-Connectivity(CIC)

Layer-2 connectivity between colocation and cloud in the same/nearby DC(s)

ECL1.0 Inter-Connectivity(EIC)

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud 1.0 and 2.0

Google Cloud Platform Connectivity(GCP)

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud and GCP

Dedicated Hypervisor

vSphere / Hyper-V

On-demand vSphere/Hyper-V, without procurement of licenses


Network-based security

One-stop security measure against various risks in network layer

Host-based security

Provide one-stop license of Deep Security (Trendmicro)


SQL Server

SQL Server environment that can be used as a virtual server official template and a guest OS on a dedicated hypervisor


Cost competitive Oracle Database service on Virtual Server

Windows Server Remote Desktop Services SAL

RDS SAL license with Windows virtual server


Host-based backup service


Solution Insight (formerly CMP)

Hybrid cloud management (including AWS, Azure) in single pane of a glass


Visibility/Alarm for resource status and performance

Platform Service


4 Redundant in global sites, suited for large-size web system

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