Enterprise Cloud(ECL) meets a variety of Enterprises’ needs with plentiful options and flexible integration

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Baremetal Server

On-demand & capped pay-as-you-go physical server, without minimum use period

Virtual Server

Small-start, on-demand resource change

Image storage area

Bring in/out your private image and private ISO


Block Storage

I/O performance ensure, high-speed blockblock storage service connectable with ISCSI protocol

File Storage(Standard)

File storage service suited for high capacity usage


Logical Network

Enable flexible network topology as well as on-premises environment

VPN Gateway

Enable secure environment, connecting directly to Intranet

Load Balancer(Netscaler VPX)

Automated provisioning and multiple functions(Off-load, security, acceleration)

Internet Connectivity

Connectivity to reliable internet, without network transfer fee


Secure firewall, which can be placed on where required


Data Center Inter-Connectivity

10Gbps bandwidth connectivity between global clouds and datacenters

AWS Inter-Connectivity

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud and AWS

ECL2.0 Inter-Connectivity

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud 2.0 tenants

Colocation Inter-Connectivity(CIC)

Layer-2 connectivity between colocation and cloud in the same/nearby DC(s)

ECL1.0 Inter-Connectivity(EIC)

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud 1.0 and 2.0

Google Cloud Platform Connectivity(GCP)

Connectivity between Enterprise Cloud and GCP

Dedicated Hypervisor

vSphere / Hyper-V

On-demand vSphere/Hyper-V, without procurement of licenses



On-line backup service for Baremetal/Virtual Server


Network-based security

One-stop security measure against various risks in network layer

Host-based security

Provide one-stop license of Deep Security (Trendmicro)


SQL Server

SQL Server environment that can be used as a virtual server official template and a guest OS on a dedicated hypervisor


Cost competitive Oracle Database service on Virtual Server

Windows Server Remote Desktop Services SAL

RDS SAL license with Windows virtual server


Host-based backup service


Solution Insight (formerly CMP)

Hybrid cloud management (including AWS, Azure) in single pane of a glass


Visibility/Alarm for resource status and performance

Platform Service


4 Redundant in global sites, suited for large-size web system

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