Attention to vulnerability of Juniper Networks vSRX vulnerability (CVE-2021-0277)

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud (ECL) service.

A vulnerability (CVE-2021-0277) has been confirmed in Juniper Networks vSRX, which is provided by the Firewall (vSRX) menu of ECL2.0.

Clients using the Firewall (vSRX) menu are advised to check the latest information on vulnerabilities and take necessary actions.

Vulnerability information

Affected Menu

Firewall (vSRX)

Affected Version




If there is a possibility that an unspecified number of attackers may exist in the network directly connected to vSRX, which is within the reach of LLDP, stop using the LLDP / L2CPD process.

If you need a procedure such as stopping the process, please refer to following URL for details.


Thank you.