Announcement of Business Portal and ECL2.0 (Smart Data Platform) Portal Changes

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud (ECL) service.

Please be informed that Business Portal and ECL2.0 (Smart Data Platform) Portal will be maintained and changed on May 25th.

Maintenance Window

Date: 25 May 2021 11:00 – 14:00 (UTC)

Following functions will not be available during the maintenance window.

  • ECL2.0 (Smart Data Platform) Portal and Management Function API

It will not affect network connection or services in use.

Changes on the Portals

Menu tableNew menu is here
Menu comparison is here
Business portal​String changes in a few places
Partner portalString changes in a few places
ECL2.0 ​Management function​A “Workspace” function will be implemented as a mechanism to manage tenants collectively. With this function, the conventional management of each tenant can be combined into a workspace.

The specification of Workspace is as follows.​

  • A client can have multiple Workspaces in a single contract.
  • Roles are set between users and Workspaces, and access rights to tenants follow the role settings of the Workspace.
  • A Workspace can only have one tenant in the same region.


  • For existing tenants, a workspace will be automatically created for each tenant.
  • APIv2 will be provided, but the existing APIv1 can still be used.
  • The “Mega Pulldown Function” that connects each menu makes it easy to transition between menus and settings.


Please refer to following URL for details.


Thank you.