New ISO mount function in ECL1.0

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud (ECL) service.

Please be informed of new ISO mount function in ECL1.0.


In order to improve the security level of ECL1.0, the console connection by the plug-in was stopped.

As an alternative, console connection via HTML is available. Using the new ISO mounting method, you need to upload the ISO image to your private catalog area in advance.

On the other hand, the new ISO mount function may not be used correctly in some regions and virtual servers.

Data Center which new ISO mount function is NOT working correctly

  • Yokohama No.1 Data Center (some virtual servers)

  • Kansai 1 Data Center (some virtual servers)

  • Kansai 1a Data Center (some virtual servers)

  • Saitama No.1 Data Center (some virtual servers)

  • Hemel Hempstead 2 Data Center

  • France Paris 2 Data Center

  • Spain Madrid 2 Data Center


If you have any problems with the new ISO mount function, please contact us through a ticket with following information.

  • Virtual server ID


Thank you.