End of Resource Status Display Function

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud.
Please be informed that Enterprise Cloud 2.0 (ECL2.0) Resource Status Display Function will be ended on 23 March 2021.

About Resource Status Display Function

This function displays the status of suspected anomalies in ECL2.0 resources. This function is currently available only for virtual servers in JP1 and JP2 regions.

Link to the Resource Status Display screen

End of Resource Status Display Function

In order to improve the quality of failure notification, this function has been introduced for the purpose of supporting the identification of the cause of failure.
However, it is now possible to issue more accurate failure notifications by sending an official failure notification to the Knowledge Center via the Service Status page ( or via email in case of an emergency.
In addition, since this function is limited to virtual servers in JP1 and JP2 regions, we will unify it to the Service Status page of the Knowledge Center and the failure notification by e-mail in order to further improve the quality of the failure notification.

End of Service Date

23 March 2021

Future failure notification

If you suspect that a problem has occurred with an active resource, please refer to the Knowledge Center Service Status page ( and to notifications by e-mail.
Please refer to the following pages for the method, timing and destination of notification.


Thank you.