Enhancement of “Managed v Platform Powered by VMware” in Enterprise Cloud2.0

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud2.0 (ECL2.0) service.

We are pleased to announce the enhancement of “Managed v Platform Powered by VMware” in ECL2.0.


Features of “Managed v Platform Powered by VMware”

Pay-as-you-go pricing

The “paid trial version” was offered at a fixed monthly fee, but VM resources in vCPU, memory and storage are applied to pay-as-you-go pricing for cost optimization.

Simple and affordable DR/migration

VMware vCloud Availability enables DR and migration in client on-premises environments.

Providing Snapshot Backups

VM backup functions (Snapshot Backups) are available for operation and maintenance on the client’s side such as version upgrades and patch application.

Enterprise Cloud2.0 quality operations and maintenance

99.99% SLAs and VM resources monitoring are available.

Expansion of official image templates

Provides official image templates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux in addition to Windows.


This menu is available in JP4 region only.   We plan to expand the available region in the future.


As “DX EnablerTM”, NTT Com is promoting digital transformation (DX) that utilizes data, and is working to solve social issues and realize “Smart World” by providing “Smart Data Platform”.

You can also use this menu in combination with various services that are already available as part of the functions that support this initiative.


Thank you.