Vulnerability of Agent used for Host-based Security

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud (ECL).

We inform you that the following vulnerabilities have been confirmed by Trend Micro in Agent used for Host-based security in Enterprise Cloud 2.0 (ECL2.0).
Please upgrade the Agent to address this vulnerability.

■ Vulnerability
Vulnerability (CVE-2020-8607) related to input validation of rootkit protection driver

■ Vulnerability overview
A vulnerability has been confirmed in the rootkit protection driver installed in the Agent.
Exploiting this vulnerability could allow an attack by a malicious person.
In order to exploit this vulnerability, it is necessary to use an OS administrator account on the target device.
Please refer to the following URL for details.

■ Applicable services
Host-based security

■ Agents and versions that may be affected by the vulnerability
(The target of this vulnerability is Agent for Window OS only.)

■ Countermeasures
The latest version available from the Security Control Panel (versions listed below) can be used as a countermeasure.
Please upgrade the Agent accordingly.

Agent Version: Deep Security Agent 11.0.0-1514

■Notes on Agent upgrade
– Please refer to the following URL for details on Agent upgrade procedure.

– You may need to restart the OS depending on your computer.
– After the version upgrade, please check that the version of the Agent has been upgraded on the Security Control Panel.

Thank you.