(Completed) API Key Update Notice

August 25, 2020 update


Thank you for using the Enterprise Cloud.

We are currently implementing various security enhancement measures.  As part of that, the API key needs to be updated.

[Clients Using The API]

Since we need to cooperate with the client’s environment, we would ask the client to update the API key during the renewal period below. A guidance email will be sent to clients using the API on August 3rd.

Renewal Period: From August 3, 2020 to August 23, 2020 23: 59 (JST)

As soon as the renewal period ends, we will immediately update the API key for clients who have not renewed the API key.

[Update]  We have completed the update of API key for clients on August 25, 2020.

■ Update Procedure

Please update the API key according to the following procedure. Clients using Cloud Management Platform (CMP) also need to update the API key value related to the acquisition of information from ECL2.0, so please refer to the following and take action.

ECL 2.0:

■Updating API key value set in related system

After updating the API key, it is necessary for the client to apply new API key value in related system to control ECL 2.0. If you are using the CLI provided by us, please see the following:

ECL 2.0: 


[Clients Who Are Not Using The API]

For clients who did not receive the email on August 3, we will update it, so no action is required.

[Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]

No. 1.

Q. Why do I need to update the API key?

A. It is implemented as part of measures to strengthen security. Thank you for your cooperation.


No. 2.

Q. I don’t use an API, but do I need to respond?

A. We will update it, so you don’t need to take any action.


No. 3.

Q. If I have NTT Communications/NTT Ltd. update my API key, is there anything I need to do?

A. For clients using the API, as in the case of updating by the client, it is necessary to update the API key value in the operation program for ECL 2.0 or FIC set by the client. For clients who do not use API, no work is required by the client.


No. 4.

Q. I don’t know whether I’m using an API or not. How should I check?

A. Clients using the API will receive an email on August 3rd. Please note that we cannot check the details of your API usage because it is your own settings. Please contact the person in charge of your system.



Q.  I use an API key to set up a connection on Multi-Cloud Connect (MCC) and VPN connectivity to Arcstar Universal One for ECL 2.0. Will the API key update stop/interrupt the above services? Will this API key update have any impact in changing or discontinuing above services?

A.  There is no impact.

You enter the API key in setting up a connection, but the API key is only used as one of the multi-factor authentications and is not kept after the connection is established.

Therefore, you don’t need to set the updated API key on the MCC side, and there will be no impact on future MCC service changes/discontinuing.  In addition, there is no service impact such as MCC connection momentarily disconnecting at the time of API key update.

When you apply for a new MCC connection after updating the API key, please enter the updated API key.


Thank you.