Launch of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services as a Solutions

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We have expanded [Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services] as a Managed Cloud Solution leveraging ECL 2.0.

Expansion of Managed Cloud Solution

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We launch [Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services] as a Managed Cloud Solution.

Data utilization is the key to driving enterprise DX.

Creating value from vast amounts of diverse data and using it to drive business transformation and The emphasis is on improving the user experience.

However, on-premise systems, public clouds, private clouds, and other enterprise data are managed on various IT platforms, resulting in data silos and multiple It is not easy to analyze data in a coordinated manner.

Therefore, in order to achieve data utilization, it is necessary to integrate various data Integration is essential.


To solve this issue, Informatica’s cloud-based data integration solution, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, will be provided as a data integration function in the data utilization platform

“Smart Data Platform”.


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