End of support for Host-based Security Agent version 9.6 at Enterprise Cloud2.0

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud (ECL) service.

We announce the timeline of end of support for Agent version 9.6 providing in Host-based Security at Enterprise Cloud 2.0 (ECL 2.0).

End of support for Host-based Security Agent9.6

The table below shows the timeline of end of support for Host-based Security Agent version 9.6.

Please upgrade to new versions in a planned way. *1

MenuAgent versionEnd of support date*2
Host-based Security (Managed Anti-Virus, Managed Virtual Patch, Managed Host-based Security Package)9.6Sep 30th,2020

*1 You can upgrade to the latest DSA version 11 within the range of this menu. Therefore, there is no need to separately sign up for a new version of Host-based Security. For instructions on upgrading your Agent to its latest version, please refer to the Agent Upgrade in the tutorial.

*2 It follows the end of support specified by the product manufacturer.


  • Please refer to the FAQ to check which version you are currently using.
  • After the support period, we will not be able to respond to inquiries from Agent 9.6 users. Also, please note that the security function will not be available.
  • Clients who have transitioned to Host-based Security following the end of ECL 1.0 Antivirus (VM), Virtual Patch, VM Firewall and/or VM Security Advanced Package services do not need to upgrade because version 11 Agents are automatically applied if migrated using script install.