(Updated 2020/3/24)New release of Load Balancer (NetScaler VPX) version fixes the vulnerability(CVE-2019-19781) and End of Sales of old version in Enterprise Cloud 2.0

[2020/3/24] Updated the detailed schedule regarding the end of sales of old versions

[2020/1/31] First update


Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud (ECL) service.

The vulnerability is reported as we announced last December in Attention to vulnerability of Citrix NetScaler(CVE-2019-19781). Citrix has provided the new version fixes the vulnerability. The new version will be available on Load Balancer (NetScaler VPX) menu of Enterprise Cloud2.0(ECL2.0). Customers who newly use this menu should use the fixed version. Customers who are already using old version of this menu is recommended to switch to the fixed version. If there are customers who have no choice but not to switch to the new version, take the action described in Attention to vulnerability of Citrix NetScaler(CVE-2019-19781). New sales of old vulnerable versions will be stopped as soon as the schedule is determined.

New release of the version fixes the vulnerability

The following version fixes vulnerability is released.

12.1-55.18 Standard EditionThe vulnerability(CVE-2019-19781) is fixed.

Region:JP2(It is available in Feb 7th in other regions.)


End of sales of old vulnerable versions

Due to the vulnerability of the following old versions provided in this menu, new sales will be discontinued sequentially.

We recommend to switch to the version fixes the vulnerability. *1

VersionEnd of salesEnd of support*2 (Reference)

Standard Edition

Feb, 2019April 30th, 2020

Standard Edition

Feb, 2019May 30th, 2019

Standard Edition

From March 24th, 2020Oct 30th, 2020

Standard Edition

From March 24th, 2020May 30th, 2023

*1 The upgrading function is not available on this menu, customer need to contract with the new version of the Load Balancer (NetScaler VPX) and switch from the old one. For details, please refer to the procedure “Replacing between different versions” in ECL Knowledge Center tutorial.

*2 Even after the end of sales, we will continue to provide support according to the End of Life policy of the product manufacturer. For details, please refer to “Citrix ADC” in following link.