End of support vSphere ESXi 5.5 / vCenter Server 5.5 for official image template

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud(ECL)service.

Please be informed that we will end support of vSphere ESXi 5.5 / vCenter Server 5.5 for Enterprise Cloud 2.0.


End of support vSphere ESXi5.5

ServiceOfficial Image TemplateEnd of Support
Baremetal ServerESXi-5.5.u3a_64_BYOL_baremetal-server_01September 19th,2020
Dedicated Hypervisor
September 19th,2020

End of support vCenter Server5.5

ServiceOfficial TemplateEnd of Support
Dedicated HypervisorvCenter-Server_5.5_u3d_Standard_not-include-license
September 19th,2020

Customer can not receive support after the date of end of support and not recommend continuing to use these VMware products above. So we highly recommend moving to the successor version by the end of support.