(Updated 2020/5/18)Virtual Server/Image Storage maintenance in region (US1, FR1, DE1, UK1, HK1, SG1)

Nov. 8th,2019 Published.

Jan.9th,2020 Updated regarding FR1 Maintenance completion.

Jan 17th, 2020 Modified Maintenance Schedule for DE1 and US1 region.

Mar.3th,2020 Modified Maintenance Schedule for UK1. Updated regarding DE1 Maintenance completion.

Mar.24th,2020 Updated regarding SG1 Maintenance completion, Modified Maintenance Schedule for US1 and UK1 region.

Apr.13th,2020 Updated regarding HK1 Maintenance completion.

Apr.22th,2020 Updated regarding US1 Maintenance completion.

May.18th,2020 Updated regarding UK1 Maintenance completion.


Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 2.0 (ECL2.0) service.

We will conduct Virtual Server infrastructure maintenance in regions (US1, FR1, DE1, UK1, HK1, SG1).

This maintenance is to improve service quality, especially of ECL2.0 Virtual Server infrastructure.

Thank you for your understanding.

The details are as follows:

Target region:







Maintenance Schedule:


- FR1(France)[Done]

Jan./8/2020(Wed.)  19:00 UTC ~  Jan./9/2020(Thu.)  14:00 UTC

- DE1(Germany)[Done]

Mar./1/2020(Sun.)  19:00 UTC ~  Mar./22/2020(Mon.)  14:00 UTC

- SG1(Singapore)[Done]

Mar./17/2020(Tue.)  12:00 UTC ~  Mar./18/2020(Wed.)  7:00 UTC

- HK1(Hong Kong)[Done]

Apr./9/2020(Thu.)  12:00 UTC ~  Apr./10/2020(Fri.)  7:00 UTC

- US1(USA)[Done]

Apr./20/2020(Mon.)  0:00 UTC ~  Apr./20/2020(Mon.)  19:00 UTC

- UK1(United Kingdom)[Done]

May./13/2020(Wed.)  19:00 UTC ~  May./14/2020(Thu.)  14:00 UTC


Regarding regions inside Japan, Please refer below.

Affected Services during maintenance window

  1. Affected service (Server and Network Service )

There will be no impact on service currently in use, such as Virtual Server interruption, disconnection of network service during maintenance.

Guest OS and applications on the virtual servers (ex. Connected by SSH) will be available without interruption.


  1. GUI (ECL2.0 portal) and APIs

During maintenance,  the following GUI and API operations will be affected.

(1) GUI:

In respective regions, “Cloud Computing” and “Security” Control Panel will be unavailable for duration of  maintenance.(Create / Read / Update / Delete)

There will be no impact on the regions where maintenance is not scheduled and announced.

* [Caution] Please note that if you stop the virtual server accidentally (ex. shut down on the guest OS), you cannot start the virtual server until the maintenance is completed.

(2) API:

As shown below, for each service a) All API operations, or b) Resource creation and a few other functions, will be unavailable.

a) All API operations will be unavailable

Virtual Server, Image Storage, Firewall (vSRX, Brocade 5600 vRouter), Load balancer (NetScaler VPX), Network-type Security (Managed Firewall, Managed UTM, Managed WAF), Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Inter-Connectivity, Deployment Manager

b) Resource creation and a few other functions will be unavailable

Service: Baremetal Server, Dedicated Hypervisor

The following functions will be unavailable:

– Creating server

– Generating ‘list servers’ of servers with image set as Request Parameter

– Generating ‘list servers detail’ of servers with image set as Request Parameter

Maintenace time

The maintenance duration includes expected recovery time in case a failure occurs.

Minor change of service behavior

  1. Pre-created port of virtual server will remain when deleting VM or detaching interface

In case where a VM (virtual server) is created using a port (NW interface) created in advance (before the VM), deleting the VM/detaching IF would automatically delete the port on current service design. After this maintenance, the port will no longer be automatically deleted in such cases.

  1. The parameter to use HA function will be changed

So far, depending on the user choice made in VM creation phase regarding the use/non-use of HA function, “true” or “false” is set in the metadata value “vmha” and users can configure it.

After this maintenance, in addition to “vmha”, “HA_Enabled” is used as a parameter of using HA function.

Although there is no impact on users, the parameter “vmha” will be deprecated.

Please use the parameter “HA_Enabled” after this maintenance.

  1. Error of detaching volume from the VM running

After this maintenance, if users try to detach a volume from a running VM, it may fail.

As described in the service descriptions, when detaching a volume from a VM, it is recommended to stop the VM before detaching the volume.

  1. Resolve known Issues

After this maintenance, the known issue in below URL will be resolved.

  1. Image Copy with AU1 region will be unavailable

After this maintenance, users will not be able to copy the image between the respective region and AU1 region.

*  AU1 region has stopped to provide new tenants from January 8, 2019.

  1. Behavior of the VM in which HA function is off

 If the VM in which HA function is off is stopped due to a failure, users cannot start it by yourselves.

 In such case, please contact our support, or delete or recreate the VM.


If there are any updates, we will announce on this page.