End of providing some security features of ECL 1.0

Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud (ECL) service.

We inform you that we will stop providing some of security menus of ECL 1.0.

Applicable menus, regions and services migrated to

NoSecurity Services MenuRegionsEnterprise Cloud 2.0 migrated to
1IPS/IDSAll Regions except Japan

(US, UK, SP, FR, ES, AU, SG, HK, TH, MY)

Managed UTM
2Email Anti-Virus
3Web Anti-Virus
4URL Filtering
5Application Profiling*
6Application Profiling*
7Network Profiling*
8Web Application Firewall(WAF)Managed WAF
9UTM**All RegionsManaged UTM
10Web Security(WAF)Managed WAF
11VM Anti-VirusHost-Based Security

Managed Anti Virus

Managed Virtual Patch

Managed Host-based Security Package


12VM Virtual Patch
13VM Firewall
14VM Security Advanced Package
15RTMD (Real Time Malware Detection) Web
16RTMD (Real Time Malware Detection) Email


End of Sales                                                                                   Oct. 1st, 2019

End of Providing Services (except for services below)                  Mar. 31st, 2020

**UTM (No. 9) and Web Security (WAF) (No. 10)                  Sep. 30th, 2020

*Application Profiling (No. 6) and Network Profiling (No. 7)      Dec. 31st, 2020