End of new sales for SAP HANA (Plan A/B) (JP1/JP2)

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 2.0 service

Please be informed that some menus of SAP HANA at JP1 and JP2 region will be closed in end of February.


– SAP HANA Deployed TDI with RedHat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA (General Purpose 2/3)(JP1/JP2)
– File Storage Premium
– SAP HANA (Plan A/B) Use discount

Current customers of the service may use continuously, and these customers may add volume of File Storage Premium by sending ticket.


・JP1 / JP2

Timeline of end of new sales

・End of February, 2019

Alternative Services

NTT Communications has been providing “Enterprise Cloud for ERP (ECL for ERP)”suitable for SAP Applications.
ECL for ERP provides 3TB Virtual HANA and 8TB Physical HANA.