Update of Windows Server 2012 R2 Official Image Template

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 2.0 (ECL) service.

As an Official Image Template for Windows Server 2012 R2 for Virtual Server, WindowsServer-2012R2_Standard_64_include-license_virtual-server_42 is available from July 19th, 2018 (JST).

Known issue for virtio driver is fixed in WindowsServer-2012R2_Standard_64_include-license_virtual-server_42.

For details of known issue, including how to solve the issue for existing VMs created from old template, please refer to the following FAQ.

Windows instance faced bluescreen or freeze. What should I do?

Old template, WindowsServer-2012R2_Standard_64_include-license_virtual-server_32, will not be newly provided after August 31st ,2018(JST).

Existing VMs created from WindowsServer-2012R2_Standard_64_include-license_virtual-server_32 can be continued using after the suspension of new sales.