The end of sales of Arcserve V6


Thank you for using Enterprise Cloud2.0 (ECL2.0) .

We will announce the following timeline of Arcserve service on ECL 2.0.

** Current Version 6

End of Sales Date: July 31th, 2018(JST)
End of Support Date: July 31th, 2019(JST)
License Plan : V6 for the virtual server
V6 for the bare metal server(1 Socket), the dedicated hypervisor(1 Socket)
V6 for the bare metal server(2 Socket), the dedicated hypervisor(2 Socket)

* This announce according to the lifecycle policy of Arcserve Inc.

* If you purchase V6.5 license, you can continue to use Arcserve service on ECL 2.0.

* Please refer the following site how to upgrade from current version to newly verion.