The end of sales of Cloud Foundry Shared Plan

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 2.0 service.

Regarding the Cloud Foundry menu, we have offered the Shared and Virtual Private plans so far. However, since there has been a growing demand for the Virtual Private plan from our clients, we will focus on the Virtual Private plan and stop selling the Shared plan on May 31st, 2018.

As for the Shared Plan, it will be closed once the existing customers stop using this service.

Please note that we will continue to sell the Virtual Private plan in all regions.


Cloud Foundry planUS1JP2JP1, UK1, DE1, SG1, HK1, AU1
SharedTo be Closed on June 30th, 2018 

The end of sale on May 31st, 2018.


Virtual PrivateYYY