Stop creating tenant at JP1 / New region JP5’s launch

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 2.0 service

Appreciate to a lot of customers’demands, we’re facing the lack of resources and we’re constructing our new region, JP5 right now. However, the schedule is behind we are sorry to inform our customer to stop creating new tenant from 26th April 2018.

As for creation of new tenant in the East Japan area, we will resume the service in late June 2018, when our new region JP5, we’re now constructing. In case creation of new tenant is required by the time until JP5’s new launch, please use JP2 region or other regions.

Timeline in Japan east area

1. Stop creating new tenant (at JP1): 26th April 2018
2. Resume creating new tenant (at JP5): late June 2018

*It is available to add on new resources in existing tenant at JP1.
However JP1’s capacity is close to upper limit, when there’s plan to add on resources, please consider expanding resources at JP5, our new region. Your understanding and cooperation are deeply appreciated.

We’re now creating the procedure for expansion or relocation of customer’s resources, and it will be uploaded to Knowledge Center.

Please accept our sincere apology for having caused you problems.