Changes in Shared Cloud Foundry providing regions

Thank you for using NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud 2.0 service.

Currently, Shared Cloud Foundry (Shared CF) is offererd in the following 8 regions:
JP1, JP2, SG1, HK1, US1, UK1, DE1, AU1

But as of February 28th 2018, Shared CF will terminate its service offer in the following 6 regions:
JP1, SG1, HK1, UK1, DE1, AU1

Shared CF will continue its service only in JP2 and US1. Customers who have active applications in the above 6 regions are notified of migration. Please note that Virtual Private Cloud Foundry (Virtual Private CF) has no plans of service termination and will remain available in all regions.

MenuJP1, SG1, HK1, UK1, DE1, AU1 regionJP2, US1 region
Shared CFTo be Closed on February 28th, 2018Y
Virtual Private CFYY