Enterprise Cloud 1.0 related portals security enhancement

For security enhancement, we are going to reject TLS 1.0 access to service Customer Portal. This activity will be done in each region from April 10th, 2017. If you use TLS 1.0, please update internet browser or client software so that you can access through TLS1.1/1.2.

Affected features

・Enterprise Cloud 1.0 Customer Portal

-JP Region

-EU Region

-APAC Region

-US Region
Supported internet browser for these portals is Firefox and Internet Explorer 11. But if Customer uses browser the following condition, portal access will be rejected. So please use Firefox (the latest version), or change the TLS version of customer’s browser to TLS1.1/1.2.

-Mozilla Firefox version before 27 or ESR 31.0
-Customer individual setting