Announcement of regional expansion(JP2,HK1,DE1,AU1) for server/middleware menu and functional enhancement for firewall/load balancer

Following menus and functions are available from October 4th.


Regional expansion of server and middleware menus

Baremetal ServerGeneral Purpose 1

General Purpose 3

Workload Optimized1

Workload Optimized2

HK1, DE1,


(There is no stock at first.)*1

Dedicated HypervisorvSphere ESXi


Virtual ServerOSRed Hat Enterprise LinuxJP2
MiddlewareOracle SE 2AU1
SQL ServerHK1

*1 There is no stock in HK1, DE1, AU1 region at first. Please contact us.


Functional enhancement

New version of template is available with Firewall (Brocade 5600 vRouter) and Load balancer (NetScaler VPX). As of now, those enhanced functions are available in US1 only. It will be available in other regions as soon as it’s ready. We recommend customer to use new template as the function was improved.

Firewall (Brocade 5600 vRouter)


The problem listed below in Syslog function is resolved.

・Over 200 messages per 5 seconds are lost.

Load balancer (NetScaler VPX)

11.0-67.12 Standard

・CLI access function as well as GUI/API access becomes available.

・HTTP access to NetScaler VPX Portal (GUI)  as well as HTTP access becomes available.

・Ping and Traceroute command are available.

・SHA2 encryption algorithm suite is added.


・Permission management function in API

The function of assuming control over each API execution is provided.

Customers will be able to manage user’s operation in Customer Portal as well as API execution by using this function.


・Available Colocations are added in Colocation Interconnectivity(Red Bold character Y is new)

JP1Saitama No.1YY
Tokyo No.2YY
Tokyo No.3YY
Tokyo No.4YY
Tokyo No.5YY
Tokyo No.6YY
Tokyo No.7YY
Yokohama No.1YY
JP2Osaka No.1YY
Osaka No.2YY
Osaka No.3YY
Osaka No.5YY


Service availability list is here.