Enterprise Cloud Development Engineers to give a talk at OpenStack Summit in Austin, TX

Proposals submitted to the Call for Speakers of the upcoming OpenStack Summit have been selected, with development engineers of Enterprise Cloud 2.0 set to give talks in Austin in April 2016.

What is OpenStack Summit?

The OpenStack Summit is an international event held by the OpenStack Foundation, which develops and manages the OpenStack ecosystem. Held twice a year and attended by OpenStack users, developers and operators from around the world, it is divided into the “Main Conference” which includes Keynote speeches and seminars from the OpenStack community, and a “Design Summit” regarding OpenStack’s new version releases. The early 2015 OpenStack Summit held in Vancouver attracted over 6000 participants, and it is projected that the same amount or more will attend the upcoming summit in Austin.

Enterprise Cloud 2.0, NTT Communications and OpenStack

NTT Communications offers the independently developed, OpenStack-based cloud service Enterprise Cloud 2.0.

Valued for their contributions to the community so far, and the OpenStack use case in their public cloud service Cloudn, NTT Communications and the NTT Group as one were awarded the “OpenStack Superuser Award” – a first for a company from the APAC region – at the OpenStack Summit held at Tokyo on October 2015. The OpenStack Superuser Award is awarded to the world’s most excellent OpenStack users.

About the Call for Speakers

In the main conference, the large part of sessions are talks given by community members selected from a “Call for Speakers” held before the summit. Normally in one summit, a total of 1000 proposals are submitted. A community voting then commences, after which the Track Chair will select the final list of speakers and sessions for the summit. Only about 25-35% of submissions get selected.

There is also the chance to give a talk as a sponsor, having a reserved time slot, and freedom of to talk about their company, but it is the sessions selected from the Call for Speakers that are dedicated to OpenStack’s technological development, utilization, use cases, and others.

NTT Communication’s Sessions during the Summit

The following two session proposals from NTT Communications have been accepted and our company’s engineers will be giving lectures during the summit. Videos of the talk will be uploaded to Youtube after the summit.

OpenStack Operation Under a Multi-tenant and Multi-customer Public Cloud Environment

  • Charles Mholen Siloy (Cloud Services Division)
  • Yuta Hono (Cloud Services Division)
  • Koji Hotta (Cloud Services Division)
Using Enterprise Cloud 2.0’s use case as a basis, the knowledge and challenges of operating OpenStack under a complicated multi-tenant and multi-customer environment will be discussed in the session.

Private Swift Endpoint

  • Masaki Matsushita (Technology Development Division)
  • Yuki Nishiwaki (Technology Development Division)
  • Mahito Ogura (Technology Development Division)
OpenStack’s object storage service Swift normally cannot be accessed from a network with no internet connectivity. The session will introduce the implementation of a method of using private endpoints for Swift, which will allow access from a network with no internet connectivity.