“Knowledge Center”, the Enterprise Cloud Service information site, has opened.

“Knowledge Center”

“Knowledge Center” is a portal site, in order to summarize all of the information throughout the Enterprise Cloud Service. This site is opened to the public, so that not only the Customers, who are currently considering installing the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 (hereafter called ECL2.0) but also the other customers, who would like to design the system configuration and/or operate the ECL 2.0 by themselves, can utilize this site. Following is a list of respective contents, posted in “Knowledge Center”.

A List of Contents in “Knowledge Center”

Content ItemsContent Descriptions
NewsProvide updated information, such as new service releases, etc.
Service DescriptionsDescribe various Service Menus & respective function scopes.
TutorialsShow how ECL 2.0 Customers get started with the respective functions and operate the respective customer portals.
API ReferencesShow various information on API Endpoints, APIs of individual Menus and functions, and the samples.
Solution GuidesShows, as the respective examples, how Customers can configure services according to your purpose, as well as, these configuration procedures.
Service StatusAnnounces not only unknown-issues and failures but also maintenance information at the respective services and respective regions.
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)Publish the frequent questions asked form Customers and these answers, categorizing them.
Known IssuesDescribe the details of known issues that we have recognized, as well as, show to avoid these known issues.
OthersShows the various links to the related sites, such as the respective ECL 2.0 customer portal sites and a list of ECL 2.0 pricing and terms and conditions of use.

We will continuously improve and enhance these above contents in series, in order for Customers to utilize them more conveniently.