Known Issues

CPU model recognition error

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When creating virtual server instances from certain OS images in the following regions, the CPU model is recognized incorrectly.
Incorrect: Skylake
Correct: Broadwell
*CPU model can be comfirmed by executing “lscpu” command. (It will be shown as Model name.)


JP2, JP4, US1, DE1


Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Windows Server 2016


The issue has been resolved by our service infrastructure update work scheduled on May 9th, 2019.

Customers using the affected instances were notified with details after May 9th, 2019, as the instances need to be stopped and relaunched after the service infrastructure update work is completed.

Please take the following action for the applicable customers.


1. Shutdown the instance on OS
*[Caution] Please note that the settings are not reflected by restarting
2. After confirming the os is stopped on the portal, start the instance from Portal/API