Known Issues

VRRP configuration settings between the virtual servers

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Overview of the Issue

In rare cases, the transmission to the virtual IP address may suddenly be disconnected between the virtual servers, in both of which the VRRP settings are configured.

When this incident occurs, the transmission does not switch over to the backup router’s virtual machine, nor does the master router’s virtual machine automatically recover.

In order to restore the transmission, VRRP is needed to be reactivated. It is recommended that you understand the details of the issue stated above and the way to restore described below.

If you want to use a VRRP then you need to configure a virtual MAC address. You can not use a VRRP with a real MAC address.

A similar issue related to the BRRP between the baremetal servers has not occurred.

This issue is scheduled to be solved in July.

Solution: The Example of “keepalived”

You need to reboot the VRRP on the virtual server of the master router and then stop and restart the VRRP process.

The following is an example of “keepalived”. You need to execute the following commands at the virtual server of the master router.

1. Stop the “keepalived”.

service keepalived stop

2. Verify the failover to the virtual server of the backup router works.

ip addr show   (–>Verify the deletion of the Virtual IP Address)

3. Restart “keepalived”.

service keepalived start

4. Verify that the Virtual Router has become a master router.

ip addr show   (–> Verify that this Virtual IP Address has reappeared.)