Known Issues

The HDD Temp/HDD Status can not be observed in Baremetal server menu (flavor: Workload Optimized 2)

(:Last updated)

It has been confirmed that the following event occurs in the Baremetal server menu (flavor: Workload Optimized 2).

[Event] The temperature and soundness of the HDD can not be observed through the IPMI protocol, and it is a situation where trouble can not be detected in the case where some of your HDD fail.

If you look at Supermicro Intelligent Management for supermicro management, you can confirm that the HDD status can not be observed with “Server Health > Storage Monitoring”.

[Workaround] Event can be recovered by restarting IPMI device (Unit Reset).
When rebooting, IPMI communication can not communicate for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes during reboot.
Since you can not restart with your account privileges, please contact us if you wish.