Known Issues

yum and dnf commands fail on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

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The yum command and dnf command may fail in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8). We apologize for the inconvenience, but please follow the procedure described in the remedy.

<Failure example>

- Curl error (56): Failure when receiving data from the peer for -<Region Name>
[OpenSSL SSL_read: error:14094415:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert certificate expired,errno 0]


Affected Template

The following templates in each menu are affected.



Virtual Server *1

  • RedHatEnterpriseLinux-8.1_64_include-license_virtual-server_02

  • RedHatEnterpriseLinux-8.2_64_include-license_virtual-server_02

Baremetal Server

  • RedHatEnterpriseLinux-8.1_64_include-license_baremetal-server_01

Dedicated Hypervisor

  • RedHatEnterpriseLinux-8.1_64_include-license_hw9_vSphere-ESXi_02

*1For these templates, customers can use yum or dnf without the following Solution.




To avoid the problem, the customer needs to renew the client certificate.

①Delete the existing existing rpm file

rpm -e rh08-sr-rhui-client02-<Region Name>-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-1.noarch

Select <Region Name> from jp1, jp2, jp4, jp5, jp6, uk1, de1, fr1, us1, sg1, hk1.


②Modify hosts file

Add the following to /etc/ hosts file. rhcds-sr-vip-<Region Name>


③Get the new rpm file

#curl --insecure https://<Link Local Address>/pub/rhui-client-packages/<rpm package name> >> <rpm package name>
#curl --insecure https://<Link Local Address>/pub/rhui-gpg-key/RPM-GPG-KEY-rhui-custom >> RPM-GPG-KEY-rhui-custom

・Link Local Address

Please specify for <link local address>.

・rpm package name

For <rpm package name>, specify an appropriate file according to the region.

JP1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-jp1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
JP2 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-jp2-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
JP4 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-jp4-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
JP5 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-jp5-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
JP6 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-jp6-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
US1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-us1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
UK1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-uk1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
SG1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-sg1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
HK1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-hk1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
DE1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-de1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
AU1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-au1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm
FR1 rh08-sr-rhui-client02-fr1-ecl-ntt-com-2.0-2.noarch.rpm


④Install rpm files

#chown root:root ~/<rpm package name>
#chown root:root ~/RPM-GPG-KEY-rhui-custom
#chmod u+x ~/<rpm package name>
#chmod u+x ~/RPM-GPG-KEY-rhui-custom
#rpm -U <rpm package name>


⑤Import GPG Key

#rpm --import ~/RPM-GPG-KEY-rhui-custom