Known Issues

About the issue of the monitoring information acquisition about logical network

(:Last updated)

This issue has been resolved at 25th, November 2018.

Overview of the Issue

Monitoring information about logical network cannot be acquired. It is a problem regarding the acquisition of monitoring information, and it does not affect customer traffic.

  • Region  JP1, JP2 and JP5
  • Service
    1. “Logical network” item of “Monitoring” menu
    2. “Port” item of “Logical Network” menu


Detail of the issue

    1. Monitoring
      • The following functions of the logical network cannot be used.
          • Port meter information acquisition
            • Incoming Traffic
            • Outgoing Traffic
            • Operational State
          • Alarm function


    2. Logical Network
      • When the status of the port is “Active”, it is displayed as “Down” incorrectly.
        NOTE:”dhcp-server-port” created when DHCP function is enabled is displayed as “Active”.


Work Around

  • Confirm the traffic within the OS of the virtual server or the “virtual server” item of “monitoring” menu. If there are multiple ports in the virtual server, the total value of all ports will be displayed. (Issue 1)
  • Confirm the status of the interface within the OS of the virtual server. (Issue 1 and 2)