Known Issues

About the issue which subnet becomes error status when subnet of logical network edits

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If the following conditions are all satisfied on the logical network, the status of the subnet will be an error.
① When creating a logical network, disable the subnet address setting function (DHCP function)
② Edit the subnet in the state of ① and activate the address setting function (DHCP function)
③ Edit the subnet in the state of ② and change options such as DNS server function and NTP server function

If you edit the resource connected to the subnet with subnet status error, the operation fails.


JP1, JP2, JP3, JP4, JP5, DE1, UK1, SG1, US1


· If you want to change the subnet options (DNS server, NTP server, etc.) in the state of ②, please delete and re-create instead of editing the subnet
· If you change the subnet option in the state of ② and the subnet becomes an error, please inquire with a ticket