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Load Balancer(NetScaler VPX) will restart unexpectedly

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Issues that Load balancer (NetScaler VPX) will restart unexpectedly and  the SSL certificate related settings may be lost after restarting are confirmed.

We have individually contacted customers who have resources which will restart by e-mail, so please check them as well. 


The following information is published by the manufacturer. (First release date : 2021-02-25)



Affected Version




To avoid an unexpected restarting, the customers are required to restart the Load
Balancer before the unexpected restarting occurs.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please confirm as soon as possible.

1. Check the date when an unexpected restarting will occur. Please perform the following operations using the GUI or CLI of Load Balancer.

a. for GUI :
Please check the following page after login to GUI of Load Balancer.
Continue > Configuration > System > Licenses

b. for CLI :
Please execute the following command at the prompt after login to CLI of Load Balancer.
> show ns license
The value of [Days to expiration:] displayed in the execution result indicates the number of days until an unexpected restarting occurs.
[Warning] An unexpected reboot will occur within 24 hours of this value becoming 0.

2. Restart Load Balancer
Please perform “Reboot Load Balancer” by the deadline.
Then perform step “1.” again and check that the value is 1600 or higher.

Related Issue

Although it is not directly related to this issue, we have confirmed an issue that may cause a problem after restarting Load Balancer (NetScaler VPX) depending on the customer’s settings. For details, please check here (Issues may occur after restarting when adding a certificate / key file with the same name as an existing certificate / key file to Load balancer (NetScaler VPX)).


Enterprise Cloud 2.0 service support team has discovered an unexpected restarting of Load Balancer.

After the support team contacted the manufacturer, the manufacturer confirmed that an unexpected restarting would occur and SSL certificate related settings may be lost after restarting when the license expired.