I tried to put QCOW2 format private template in the volume but the status became an error and I could not configure it as bootable and couldn't create the root volume.

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It's considered that the prepared volume size was insufficient in its size against the QCOW2 format private template.
Regarding how to deal with the error, please create a bigger volume than the prepared volume size and put the QCOW2 format image template in the newly created bigger volume again.
After that, please confirm whether the status should become an error again.

[issue] I tried to put QCOW2 format "Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition" private template(13.6GB) into the 15GB volume and the status became an error.
[cause] It's considered that the volume size was insufficient against the private template image created with "Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition". When you create the volume with "Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition", the volume size must be over 80GB. (see below document)
[workaround] I created the volume over 80GB and put the image template in it again and I was able to create the root volume without problems.

If you changed the volume size (= created the bigger volume) but the status should become an error repeatedly, we are sorry to bother you but we would like you to create a ticket to bring the issue to our attention.

** Reference URL **
[Service Descriptions: Restrictions on the official image] Each OS has the minimum necessary volume size.
Service Descriptions - Virtual server - Restrictions on the official image

※Excerpt from the above Restrictions
When you create a volume with the official image template, you are unable to create the volume if the size is less than the official image template size.
(example: If you need to use Windows OS, you will need to prepare 80GB volume or bigger volume.)

[FAQ: Difference between RAW format and QCOW2 format] ※If QCOW2 format, the data is compressed and uploaded to Image Storage.
FAQ - If I upload my private template image to "Image Storage", which format should I select, RAW or QCOW2?Please tell me the difference between the two formats as well.
  • ECL2.0
  • Virtual Server

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