I can't move the mouse pointer (mouse cursor) on the console screen accessed via the Cloud Computing Control Panel. (Mouse cursor is stuck on screen, and won't move.)

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If you can't move the mouse pointer on the console screen, please try the following countermeasures.

(1) "Changing the browser" or "Changing the client PC"
You may be able to move the mouse pointer (mouse cursor).

(2) Restart the virtual server.
If there is no change after trying (1), please restart the virtual server via the Cloud Computing Control Panel at your discretion.

Enterprise Cloud 2.0 has adopted Openstack as the cloud platform and the mechanism of the console connection to the virtual server also follows the mechanism of Openstack.
Compared to the physical serial console connection, the console connection of the Openstack is less stable.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the customer to enable the remote connection such as SSH or RDP connection as an alternative of the console connection to access to the virtual server resources.

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