Is the redundant method available that uses the same IP address with different MAC addresses including the Windows Server Failover Cluster?

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We have confirmed that Windows Server Failover Cluster works under our verification environment.

As of July 2019, we have confirmed the operation with the next version.
- Windows Server 2012 R2​
- Windows Server 2016​

* Since the DAD function is disabled in the official image template of the virtual server, please follow the procedure below when using a failover cluster with a virtual server.

1. Input "regedt32" in search box on Start menu and enter.
2. Click "HKEYLOCAL MACHINE" in Registry Editor.
3. Click "System" -> "CurrentControlSet" -> "Services" -> "TcpIp" -> "Parameters".
4. Right-click "Parameters" and click "New" -> "DWORD(32-bit)Value".
5. Delete "New Value #1", right-click "ArpRetryCount" and click "Delete".
6. Reboot the virtual server.

  • ECL2.0
  • OS
  • Virtual Server

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