What should I confirm when I receive HA message?

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HA causes the instance to shutdown&launch.
Please check the following FAQ's, which might happen according to instance shutdown & launch.

*) The required actions are different in the regions where below maintenance is completed. You can find the details in the following page.
News - Virtual Server/Image Storage maintenance in Japan regions (JP1, JP2, P4, JP5)

●Linux/Windows Series
When restarting right after configuring the interface or volume, encounter that the volume goes offline or the device name of the interface has been changed

Is the data stored in the data volume at the physical failure occurrence timing maintained even after switching by the HA function?

Do you also HA the data volume used by the virtual server?

●Linux Series
Rebooting causes to return host name of an instance to previous setting. What should I do to change host name?

●Windows Series
System clock has been changed when shutdown&launch or reboot instances.

IP address is not assigned on Windows Server Instance when I launch the Instance after the Instance has been stopped. Why does it occur and what should I do?

Unable to recognize the volume from the Windows OS after restarted the virtual server.

These all can happen when shutdown&launch instance.
We recommend you to shutdown&launch instance in advance, and check if these events happen.

If the HA setting is turned off (=disabled/False) and the instance should be stopped by any trouble with the hypervisor, the customer can't boot it via Cloud Computing Control Panel.
In that case, the customer needs to delete and recreate the instance or needs to contact support desk via the ticket to ask us to boot it.

If the customer requests us to boot the instance via the ticket as an urgent case, please be advised that we will conduct the recovery operation in Japanese business hours (Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm) since the recovery operation accompanies the operational risks such as changing the database entries and so forth and we need to assign the special members to do it.

Thank you for your understanding.


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