Cloud Initialization Service is stopped when starting virtual server. Is there any problem with server?

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No problem.

[About Cloud Initialization Service]

The cloudbase-init installed by default in the Windows template is executed at the Boot stage of the OS. This is because the Windows service is registered as "Cloud Initialization Service" and the process of cloudbase-init is started automatically. In cloudbase-init, the process is started as a Windows service at the Boot stage of the OS, and when the necessary initial processing to the OS is completed, the process normally terminates itself.

[About Cloud Initialization Service Stopping Immediately after Starting Virtual OS]

When the process of cloudbase-init ends, an error is displayed in Services of Server Manager, but this is normal and there are no actual problems. (It is only displayed that "Cloud Initialization Service" process is not running)

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  • ECL2.0
  • Virtual Server

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