Interfaces on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Virtual Server are not configure when operate "add interface" via GUI/API. What should I do?

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When you create a virtual server instance from the official template for RedHatEnterpriseLinux provided by us, only 1 configuration profile will be created at default, even if you add multiple interfaces in creation.

Therefore, when customer operates the following setting to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Virtual Server, please operate the setting as described below.

- Selecting several networks when creating instance.
- Adding interface by  "add interface" via GUI/API after creating instance.

Please operate the following configuration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS

1. Executing nmcli command for confirming enable network connection
("eth0" is only displayed with default)

# nmcli con show

2. Confirming whether the adding interfaces such as "eth1" are displayed.

# nmcli dev show

3. Configuring the adding interfaces.
(The following command is example to configure "eth1" as "System eth1")

# nmcli c add type ethernet ifname eth1 con-name "System eth1"

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