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  • What is the maximum number of "authorized network" settings set in "Access Management" of the partner login portal?ECL2.0, Partner

    There is no upper limit to the number of IP addresses that can be registered in "Authorized network".

    The maximum number of users that can be registered as "Login only from authorized network" is 200.

    Reference:Tutorial - How to Use the ECL 2.0 Portal - Access Management



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  • What is the account / password security policy of Login Portal?ECL2.0, Partner

    The account/password security policy of Login Portal provided for partners and end users of partners are as follows.

    [Conditions for the input rule]

    • Number of characters: 8 characters or more
    • Input characters: ASCII characters only
    • It is necessary to use at least one number, upper case letter, lower case letter
    • A character string containing three or more consecutive identical characters is not allowed
    [Conditions for the change of password]
    • It must be changed every 90 days.
    • After initial login or password reset, it is necessary to change the password.
    [Conditions for the reset of password]
    • The password reset can be performed only by the portal administrator.
    [Conditions on login failure]
    • If login fails five times within 10 minutes, the account will be suspended.
    • There are two methods to unsuspend the account.
    1. The account will be automatically unsuspended in 60 minutes. #When logging in with suspended status, the account will be unsuspended 60 minutes after that.
    2. Portal administrator can unsuspend the account immediately.
    [Conditions for the automatic suspension]
    • The account will be automatically suspended when you do not log in to portal with it for 100 days.
    [Conditions for the session time out]
    • If you do not perform the operation for 15 minutes, the session will be timed out.
    • When the session is timed out, please log in again.
    [Password reuse policy]
    • Last 4 passwords can not be reused.

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  • Is it possible to check the logs for each user's login authentication regarding Login Portal for partners?ECL2.0, Partner

    Yes. The login logs of all portal users are saved (it is possible to go back 100 days in advance).
    You can refer to the following procedure.

    1. Login to Login Portal
    2. Click "Manage Users" from "ADMIN" tab at the top of Home screen
    3. Click "All Authentication Events" on "Portal Users" screen

    Note that this log can only be checked by users who have portal administrator authority ("portal admin" is "Yes"). Other normal users can only check their own logs.

    Reference: Tutorials - Partner - How to Use the ECL 2.0 Portal

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